Anthony Terrence O’Carroll has exhibited widely in Australia and has held a number of solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions. In 2012, O'Carroll's work was featured as a collection highlight in the publication, 'The Macquarie Group Collection - The Land and Its Psyche'. In 2011, managed by the Art Gallery of New South Wales, O'Carroll was awarded residence at the Cite Internationale des arts, Paris and in the same year was selected as a finalist in the prestigious Wynne Prize. In both 2009 and 2010, O'Carroll was a selected finalist in the Royal Bank of Scotland Emerging Artist Award. From 2003 - 2009, O’Carroll was a consecutive finalist in the Brett Whiteley Traveling Art Scholarship, and has been a repeated finalist in the Paddington Art Prize in  2008 and 2011. In 2008 O'Carroll was selected as a finalist in The Churchie National Art Award, Brisbane. In 2005, O'Carroll was a finalist in the Tim Olsen Drawing Prize and the Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Award. In 2004 he was awarded the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ Elioth Gruner Prize for the best study of a landscape in oils by an art student.


During his undergraduate studies, O’Carroll achieved an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts Stages I, II and III (with High  Distinction in each stage) completed in 2000 at St George College, TAFE. During this period, O'Carroll received many commendations, including the Highest Achievement Award and the Peter Wright Memorial Print Making Prize. He obtained his Master of Art (by Coursework) with Distinction in 2004 and in 2008 completed with High Distinction a Master of Fine Arts (by Research) majoring in Painting, at UNSW College of Fine Arts (COFA).



Artist Statement;


“Although imagined non-spaces, these works echo geological formations that have been achieved by means of carefully tested process that has evolved over years of experimentation and research. These spaces have been highlighted by incisions and scratches; they are drawn into and allow imagery to be formed from within the surface of the work - pitted, trawled, scratched and cracked. These pictures show an emotional resonance. There is violence in their creation. Though they are created, deformed and punished, their beauty is achieved by this struggle. They are exposed and invite the viewer to see their scars, their individual making and thus their growth into being. They are to me alive!", Anthony Terrence O'Carroll.





 'At a time when contemporary art is dominated by practice that has a social or political imperative, that utilises photographic and new-media technologies, or makes ephemeral gestures in response to world affairs, Anthony O’Carroll puts his faith in painting for painting’s sake. O’Carroll, born in Sydney in 1979, is a young artist who draws on the history of modern painting and of the environment in which he lives to reassert the medium’s relevance in the 21st century.'


Fenner, F.,(2012). The Macquarie Group Collection: The land and its psyche. (pp 162 – 163). Sydney, UNSW Press.




‘Anthony O’Carroll makes do with the more pragmatic textures of the urban environment around Sydney and the play of light on them.  This is no literal transcription of found effects but a developed abstraction within the tradition of matter painting.  The most obvious international examples come from Spain and the Catalan area in particular.  The grand master of matter painting Antoni Tapies also reflected the ancient surfaces of old Europe.  In Australia I know that Anthony has been keenly aware of that tendency as exemplified by Bill Peascod, Elwyn Lynn and Thomas Gleghorn.  O'Carroll's paintings take this trajectory into the contemporary arena and they stand alongside other non-objective works especially in Sydney even though they often directly reference qualities found in the environment’.


Anthony Bond OAM




‘In the early 1960s, painters Elwyn Lynn and Frank Hodgkinson began exploring the expressive dimensions of surface, with textures that were lacerated, corrugated, and scarred. Anthony O'Carroll also engages with bruised and tormented texture as a metaphor of our brutalisation of our environment, and of each other’.


Peter Pinson




​'I first came across O'Carroll's work in 2012 in the 'Topologies' series. The struggled landscape, deep texturing and layering of the paint, scratched fissures and over painting appealed to me. The grey, red, ochre and umber pigments are evocative of a desolate terrain and the mood of the painting. The scraping and repainting further impart a feeling of time and place'........'Having visited Anthony's studio, I also witnessed firsthand how much personal emotion and physical intensity goes into the making of each work. He is an artist who believes in his craft and he creates sensitive and appealing work'.


David Kent




'Anthony Terrence O’Carroll uses paint like an alchemist, mercuric hues which alternate between cracked clay landscapes or extreme close ups of brittle silver leaf'.


Andrew Gaynor




'I have been an admirer and collector of Anthony Terrence O’Carroll’s work since I saw his first exhibition at the Bondi Pavilion in 2001. Over the years my early interest has been rewarded by his extraordinary growth as an artist. I have observed his success and his creative development with true admiration. His work now receives the respect of his peers and the interest of the art world. As Anthony approaches a new maturity, I watch him crystalise and hone his skill and I remain fascinated, curious and excited by this important and committed artist'.


Graeme Murphy AO




'O’Carroll’s practice is an “oeuvre that challenges the painting medium and stretches the boundaries of paint-on-paint, with graffiti spray paint wrestling with oils and acrylics. Despite the quarrel of paint mediums, his canvasses are extraordinarily elegant and point to the great matter painters'.


Natalia Bradshaw

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